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Why Choose San Jose Restrooms??

As the foremost luxury restroom trailer rental company in San Jose, we boast extensive experience. Our county-wide fleet includes opulent portable bathrooms, private and ADA-compliant mobile showers, and laundry trailers, all available for deployment to your desired location. We take pride in delivering unparalleled service, competitive pricing, and the most lavish restroom trailers in the city.

Our short-term rentals are ideal for special events, festivals, weddings, or emergencies where portable toilets are inadequate. In addition to our short-term portable trailer restroom rentals, we are pleased to provide long-term options that are suitable for schools, oil fields, emergency response, homeless communities, and other situations where permanent facilities are not always feasible.

We Partner With California's Leaders

Our Luxury Restroom & Shower Trailers are utilized by the backbone of California Private Industry, Government, Education, & More!

About Our Trailers

We are delighted to offer an extensive selection of options that encompass all the comforts of a home, positioning us as the leading choice for premium portable restrooms, mobile showers that are both private and compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and laundry trailers. Our temporary lavatories are ideally suited for weddings, festivals, and other significant events where a standard porta-potty would not suffice. In addition to our temporary and emergency trailer rentals, we also provide long-term alternatives that are ideally suited for educational institutions, oil fields, emergency response situations, homeless communities, and other settings where permanent facilities may not be feasible.

Luxury Restroom Trailers

We offer 2, 5, and 9 station portable luxury restroom trailers:

*Equipped with AC/Heating
*White China Toilets with Foot Flush
*Stainless Steel Sinks
*Interior & Exterior LED Lighting
*Smart Touch Digital Thermostat

Private Shower Trailers

We offer 2, ADA + 2, and 8 station portable private shower trailers:

*Private Bathroom/Shower Stalls
*Equipped with AC/Heating
*White China Toilets with Foot Flush
*Interior & Exterior LED Lighting
*Hot/Cold Water Controls

ADA Restroom & Shower Trailers

We offer many restroom and shower options for California ADA Accessibility trailer needs:

*Designed to be lowered with ramps for ADA Accessibility
*ADA China Toilets with Handle Bars
*ADA Shower with Seat & Wand
*ADA Sink

9 Flexible Trailer Options
We Offer A Wide Variety of Trailer Options For Your Comfort & Convenience

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Our Service Area

We Are Proud to Serve The Entire City of San Jose & Surrounding Cities Including: Santa Clara, Campbell, Milpitas, Cupertino, Morgan Hill, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos, Alum Rock, Burbank, Seven Trees, Fruitdale, Lexington Hills, Cambrian Park, Robertsville, New Almaden, Blossom Valley, East Foothills, Evergreen, Naglee Park, & More!

24/7 Emergency Services Available!

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We take great pride in being the pioneers of the mobile luxury restroom market in California, having set the industry's leading standards for luxury, service, convenience, and customer satisfaction.

San Jose Restrooms Customer Reviews

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself, We Pride Ourselves In Providing The Highest Quality Luxury Restrooms & Best Customer Service In The Industry.

"Lightning Fast, Clean Bathrooms!"
These aesthetically pleasing luxurious bathroom trailer units we're clean & spotless! Lightning fast delivery for our San Jose event.
Gary Hanson
4 Hours Ago
"Our School is 100% Satisfied!"
Our school expresses our utmost satisfaction with San Jose Restrooms, rated 10/10 for exceptional service. The restrooms are immaculately clean!
Jennifer Simms
3 Days Ago
"Crises Averted Thanks To You! A+"
I engaged SJR during an emergency in San Jose and thanks to them the crises was averted! Highly recommend their services. A+ quality with clean restrooms.
Sam Davis
6 Days Ago

Luxury Portable Restroom Trailers including ADA Complaint Trailers

Luxury Portable Shower Trailers

Luxury Portable Laundry Trailers

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Resource Center

When it comes to hosting a memorable event in San Jose, every detail matters. From the venue to the catering, each element contributes to the overall experience. One often overlooked aspect that can significantly impact guest satisfaction is restroom facilities. That’s where San Jose Restrooms steps in, providing premier luxury restroom rentals for weddings, private events, and business conferences in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Elevating Your Event

At San Jose Restrooms, we understand that the success of your event relies on creating a comfortable and upscale atmosphere for your guests. Our luxury restroom trailers are designed to do just that. Forget about traditional portable toilets; our restrooms offer a level of sophistication and convenience that will leave a lasting impression.

The Luxury Restroom Experience

Our luxury restroom trailers are equipped with all the amenities your guests could desire. From climate control and stylish interior design to spacious stalls and premium toiletries, we’ve thought of everything. You can trust that our restrooms will provide the comfort and cleanliness that your event deserves.

Versatile Solutions

Whether you’re planning an elegant wedding, an exclusive private event, or a professional business conference, San Jose Restrooms has the perfect restroom rental to match your needs. We offer a range of sizes and configurations to accommodate various guest counts, ensuring that no detail is overlooked.

Exceptional Service

Beyond our top-tier luxury restrooms, San Jose Restrooms takes pride in delivering exceptional service. Our team is dedicated to making the rental process as smooth as possible, from the initial inquiry to delivery and pickup. We understand that timing is crucial for events, and we’re committed to being prompt and reliable.

Make Your Event Memorable

Don’t compromise on the comfort and luxury your event deserves. Contact San Jose Restrooms today and discover how our premier luxury restroom rentals can elevate your wedding, private event, or business conference in San Jose. Create an unforgettable experience for your guests with San Jose Restrooms, where sophistication meets sanitation.

For more information on San Jose Restrooms and our luxury restroom rentals, visit our website at, or give us a call at 408-882-9942. Make your event truly unforgettable with San Jose Restrooms.

In the heart of Silicon Valley, where innovation thrives and progress is the name of the game, San Jose Restrooms is redefining the concept of long-term luxury restroom rentals. Beyond the glitz and glamour of short-term events, our commitment to sustainable sanitation solutions shines brightly. Whether it’s for educational institutions, construction projects, disaster recovery efforts, or replacing outdated facilities, San Jose Restrooms is leading the way in providing clean, eco-friendly, and upscale restrooms for the long haul.

Education and Sanitary Excellence

Education is the foundation of our society, and it’s crucial that students and faculty have access to top-notch facilities. San Jose Restrooms offers long-term rentals that align with the high standards of educational institutions. Our luxury restroom trailers provide a comfortable and sanitary environment, ensuring that everyone can focus on learning without any restroom-related concerns. With regular maintenance and eco-friendly features, our restrooms support sustainability while meeting the demands of educational facilities.

Construction Projects: A Clean Start

Construction sites are notorious for their temporary and often less-than-desirable restroom solutions. San Jose Restrooms steps in to change that narrative. Our long-term luxury restroom rentals are perfect for construction projects of any size. They provide a consistent and clean restroom experience for workers throughout the project’s duration. With features like water-saving fixtures and environmentally friendly practices, our restrooms contribute to a greener construction industry.

Disaster Recovery: A Helping Hand

In times of crisis, access to sanitary facilities becomes even more critical. San Jose Restrooms understands the importance of providing reliable restroom options during disaster recovery efforts. Our long-term luxury restroom rentals can be deployed quickly to disaster-stricken areas, offering a lifeline of comfort and hygiene to those in need. With disaster-resistant design and sustainable practices, our restrooms are a dependable resource for emergency situations.

Replacement Luxury Restrooms: Modernizing San Jose

As the city of San Jose continues to grow and evolve, some older facilities may not meet the standards of modern sanitation. San Jose Restrooms offers a practical solution for replacing outdated restrooms with luxurious, eco-friendly alternatives. Our long-term rental options allow businesses and organizations to upgrade their restroom facilities without the hassle of construction. It’s a step toward a cleaner, more sustainable San Jose.

A Sustainable Future

At San Jose Restrooms, we take sustainability seriously. Our long-term luxury restroom rentals feature water-saving fixtures, eco-friendly materials, and waste management practices that minimize our environmental footprint. We believe that providing excellent sanitation services should go hand in hand with preserving our planet for future generations.

Choose San Jose Restrooms

When it comes to long-term luxury restroom rentals in San Jose, there’s only one name you need to remember: San Jose Restrooms. We offer versatile, eco-conscious solutions for education, construction, disaster recovery, and facility replacement needs. With a commitment to sustainability and exceptional service, we’re proud to support the growth and well-being of our community.

For more information on San Jose Restrooms and our long-term luxury restroom rentals, visit our website at, or give us a call at 408-882-9942. Join us in embracing a sustainable approach to sanitation in San Jose.

In the face of disasters, fires, and emergencies, access to clean and reliable sanitation facilities can make all the difference. San Jose Restrooms is proud to be at the forefront of providing rapid response luxury restroom rentals to address emergency sanitation needs in San Jose. Our commitment to the community extends beyond typical event rentals, as we understand the critical role these facilities play during challenging times.

Emergency Preparedness Matters

San Jose Restrooms believes in proactive emergency preparedness. We understand that when a crisis strikes, the immediate availability of clean and functional restrooms can significantly impact the well-being and comfort of individuals affected. Our luxury restroom trailers are designed with emergency situations in mind, offering a quick and effective solution to the pressing issue of sanitation.

Fires: A Burning Concern

The threat of wildfires is a recurring concern in California, and San Jose is no exception. When fires rage, communities often face evacuations and displacement. During these trying times, our luxury restroom rentals can be deployed to evacuation centers, providing a touch of comfort and dignity to those affected. With advanced features and maintenance protocols, our restrooms ensure a safe and sanitary environment when it’s needed most.

Natural Disasters: Immediate Relief

Earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters can disrupt normal life in an instant. San Jose Restrooms stands ready to assist during these emergencies by offering rapid response luxury restroom rentals. These trailers can be swiftly deployed to disaster-stricken areas, providing essential sanitation services to survivors and first responders. Our restrooms are designed to withstand harsh conditions and deliver the reliability needed during crises.

Medical Emergencies: Supporting Healthcare

In times of public health crises, such as pandemics or disease outbreaks, the demand for clean and hygienic restrooms becomes even more critical. San Jose Restrooms can assist healthcare facilities, testing centers, and temporary medical facilities by providing luxury restroom trailers that adhere to stringent sanitation standards. We recognize the importance of maintaining a safe environment for medical professionals and patients alike.

Community Support and Relief

San Jose Restrooms takes pride in being a pillar of support for the community. During emergencies, our team works tirelessly to ensure that our luxury restroom rentals are available where they are needed most. We collaborate with local authorities, disaster relief organizations, and healthcare providers to provide rapid and effective sanitation solutions.

Contact San Jose Restrooms Today

When it comes to emergency sanitation solutions in San Jose, there’s no one better equipped or more dedicated than San Jose Restrooms. Our rapid response luxury restroom rentals offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing that clean and reliable facilities are readily available during challenging times.

For more information about San Jose Restrooms and our emergency sanitation services, visit our website at or call us at 408-882-9942. We’re here to support our community and ensure that emergency sanitation needs are met promptly and efficiently.

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